Story behind the coconut water online delivery

Believing in the philosophy that many diseases or health issues wouldn’t even be around if we chose to embrace the natural products & consumed them in their freshest form. With an intent to change people’s lifestyle in a positive way, we decided to procure top-quality tender coconuts right from the farms, and deliver them to your doorsteps.

The brainchild of two tech-savvy individuals, with a passion for agriculture. DailyCoco was also started with a vision to uplift the farming community, and with our dedicated field team, which is always on the lookout for some of the best farms growing the top-notch tender coconuts, we are quite confident about our sources and the quality of coconuts. All our coconuts are sourced from the choicest lush farms around the Kaveri river belt.

Notably, DailyCoco tender coconut water is 100% natural with no preservatives, added sugar, and is delivered in a natural state, without the plastic pre-packaging hullabaloo.

Get your daily refreshment fix or hydration dose, rich in vitamins, minerals & electrolytes, etc., in the comfort of your home, just alongside your morning paper, and that too at no extra delivery charges — presenting DailyCoco, your personal provider of delectable, tasty, and healthy tender coconut water.

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Even a Coconut a Day can help keep the doctor away – stay healthy & fit almost effortlessly!